Three Reasons Why You Need To Immediately Call A Bed Bugs Exterminator In Kapolei

When individuals discover they have bed bugs inside their home, they often try to get rid of the problem themselves by researching home remedies. While this may work to eradicate a few of these bothersome insects, the problem is much larger than what most people think. Read the information below to learn three reasons why individuals should immediately contact a bed bugs exterminator Kapolei area professional.

Bed Bugs Can Infest The Entire House

Because of their name, many individuals think that bed bugs are found only in the bed. While the bedroom is where most of them can be found, bed bugs will infest the entire house. Bed bugs also like to hide in chair and couch cushions in upholstered furniture.

These tiny insects will travel to other areas of the house by crawling on the ceiling, walls, and floors. If bed bugs are on a person’s clothing, these insects will be transported to other areas of the house when individuals walk from room to room. Before long, individuals will discover that their entire house is infested.

Bed Bugs Multiply Rapidly

When a female bed bug has a blood meal, she can lay up to seven eggs each day. Approximately 250 eggs will be produced by a female bed bug throughout her lifetime. When there are numerous female bed bugs inside the home, it doesn’t take long before the entire house is infested.

Bed Bugs Bite and Cause An Itchy Rash

As soon as nymphs hatch from an egg, they search for food, which is a blood meal from a human. These bugs come out of their hiding places at night, which is usually in the bed and mattresses, to feed on a person’s blood while they sleep. A bed bug can feed for as long as ten minutes on a human before they get full.

Individuals who have been bitten by bed bugs during the night will wake up with red, itchy spots all over their body. Before an infestation gets out of control, individuals should contact a bed bugs exterminator Kapolei professional.

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