Three Signs You Need an Ankle Specialist in Racine, WI

Ankle pain might seem normal or inconsequential, especially for people who spend long amounts of time standing or walking on a daily basis. When you spend long amounts of time on your feet, discomfort is not uncommon, but when the pain does not go away after rest and elevation, it may indicate deeper problems. Knowing a few major signs indicating that you should seek help from a medical expert will prevent loss of movement and allow you to get treatment sooner.

Growths on the Feet

A few blisters after breaking in a new pair of shoes can seem normal, but regular growths on your feet may indicate further problems with ankle circulation and sometimes a bacterial infection. People usually think the only growths on the feet that need attention are bunions, but corns and blisters that appear regularly may be a threat to your health. Individuals with diabetes should be especially careful due to the poor circulation throughout the ankles and feet. Find an ankle specialist in Racine, WI if you regularly experience any type of growth on your feet with no explanation.

Swelling and Redness

Any noticeable changes in your ankles or feet, especially near the Achilles tendon, require the immediate attention of an ankle specialist. There are a wide variety of problems that cause swelling and redness, but even if it’s just a minor ankle twist, there may be deeper muscles in the ankle that require treatment or repair. If there is no reasonable explanation for the swelling in the ankle, it may be that your feet are struggling to drain and circulate new blood.

Inexplicable Pain

Some ankle pain after standing is normal, but if it is persistent even after elevation and rest, you should speak to an ankle specialist immediately. Constant pain may be the beginning signs of serious damage to fragile ankle bones and ligaments, but over time will develop into worse pain and loss of mobility. Check here for additional symptoms or indications that you should schedule an appointment with an ankle specialist right away.

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