Three Things That Make Your Minivan a Multi-Purpose Vehicle

When an SUV doesn’t cut it in terms of seating capacity, most families turn to a minivan. The next-generation replacement for the reliable station wagon, minivans carry up to seven passengers and plenty of packages. Thus, it becomes a multi-purpose vehicle.

However, when you walk into a Dodge dealer in Cicero to look at a Caravan, what should be included to make it truly all-purpose? Here are three things that make it happen.

Storage Capacity

No matter if it’s a Dodge dealer in Cicero or another company, you need your minivan to have plenty of storage. This means a deep area in the back where items can be stacked or below-seat storage easily accessible by pulling up floor areas. In addition, the middle and back seats should fold flat for very large purchases.

Powerful Infotainment

In many cases, the minivan is used to transport families, and this can mean bored children on a long drive. Thus, you want the vehicle to have a strong infotainment system. Having a built-in television is a plus, if not a must. So is the ability to charge smart devices or connect them to the vehicle’s speakers via Bluetooth. This keeps everyone entertained for hours.

Strong Powertrain

While it doesn’t have to be turbo-charged, a minivan still needs appropriate power. It shouldn’t feel sluggish with a full capacity of passengers and luggage. It must have the ability to put on speed to pass and maneuverability around curves. Hence, the reason you’ll want to take a test drive before making a purchase.

If you are in the market for a minivan, look at reviews on either new or pre-owned models. In addition, examine the costs for infotainment and performance packages. When ready, head to Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep or visit their website for more information.

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