Three Times Fence Replacement in Christiansburg VA is Necessary

Fences are necessary for those who want to add some privacy to their yard. A fence will not only keep others out, but also keep kids or animals in. It is a safety measure that many homeowners agree is necessary. Over time, however, fences can become damaged and weathered, meaning replacement will be needed. Fence Replacement in Christiansburg VA is necessary during three main times.

Weathered Fences

The weather eats away at fences over time. Excessive rain can cause wood decay while wind and storms can cause holes, cracked boards, and other damage. Once the fence starts to look weathered, it may be time to consider replacing pieces with new ones. It will remove the weathered spots and add some new life into the fence.

Digging Dogs

Dog owners may often notice that their pets are digging under the fence. This can cause damage to the bottom fence pieces, as the dog’s nails are scratching the wood. If this is the case, a replacement should be put in. Fence Replacement in Christiansburg VA will not only replace the damaged portions but can also stop the dog from digging by adding a protective barrier between the yard and the fence if the owner chooses. Another type of fence can also replace it, such as metal. This will not be easily damaged by a dog.


Many times, the fence is still in good enough condition. However, the homeowners will want to restore the fence anyway. This may simply be because they want a different look for the exterior of their home, or it could be a new homeowner moving into an existing property. Either way, fence replacement will take the previous fence and change it into something completely new and modern.

Fence Replacement in Christiansburg VA is necessary on a number of occasions. Whether new homeowners require a restoration, a digging dog is causing damage, or the weather has badly destructed the fence, a replacement can enhance the look and condition of the fence greatly. Contact Sam Fencing to know more about our services.

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