Tips For Choosing A Chrome Plating Service

Making a decision to hire a company to provide any type of plating service, particularly hard chrome plating, doesn’t mean selecting a company that does this process as part of what they offer as services.

In fact, when specialized care and processing to specific tolerances is required, working with a specialized company offering chrome plating services as the focus of their business is always the best possible option.

To assist in determining which company is the best out there based on your chrome plating needs there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Ideally, compare a couple of companies with each other to determine fair pricing, services offered and even added value that may be available in one company over the competition.

To compare different chrome plating services with regards to pricing, you will need to be very clear on what is required for the order. This includes the number and type of parts as well as the specifications for the chrome plating.

Some companies offer additional assistance with every order. This can include having engineering assistance available to review your order and perhaps even make suggestions to help reduce the cost of the plating and to also benefit the parts and components.

Pricing can also be very dependent on the volume of the order. Some companies will accept orders of all sizes from prototypes and single pieces to large production run orders. Other companies will only accept minimum orders and may not work with customers looking for small volume plating services.

There are a lot of companies that may offer chrome plating services as part of what they do. These companies may have a lot of experience in the metal finishing industry, but they may not have specific expertise and experience in hard chrome plating.

It is always important to review the company’s website and see what specifications and standards the company offers. This will typically include military and defense standards as well as medical, aircraft and perhaps specific OEM company approvals.

Additional Services
Be sure to ask the company about their quality control practices. There should be internal standards and testing on a regular basis, and top companies will provide information on past customer satisfaction with their plating services.

Some companies will also provide additional services that can include sandblasting, grinding, polishing and buffing. These companies will also provide information on their packing and shipping procedures and also their record with on-time delivery and completion of rush orders.

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