Tips for Hanging Wallpaper on Your Walls for the Best Design

When you want to change what your walls look like but you don’t want to paint them, then consider hanging vinyl wallpaper. There are numerous designs to choose from whether you want patterns on your walls or you want a solid color so that there are more options for the decorations in the room. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re hanging wallpaper so that it’s straight and so that it adheres without any bubbles.

Types and Adhesives

Take some time to examine the designs of wallpaper that are available so that you get just what you want. Consider the other details in your home, such as the color of your cabinets and the color of your floors as you want all the details to flow well together. Once you decide on the wallpaper that you want, you can then decide on the adhesive that would be the best to use. Most designs have a sticky backing that keeps the wallpaper in place so that you don’t have to use other materials.


When you’re hanging vinyl wallpaper, you need to have a few tools on hand to make sure the material is level when you begin placing it on the wall. A level that you would use when building a piece of furniture is usually enough. You can also use a scraper or a level to smooth the surface of the wallpaper to remove bubbles so that the surface is flat. It’s sometimes better to start hanging the wallpaper in the middle of the wall if you’re using a solid color. This prevents the pattern from getting off or looking odd. However, if you’re using a pattern, then you need to plan for how you want the wall to look and where the details need to match before you begin the application process.

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