Tips for More Effective Dallas Roof Repair

Do you see little brown spots on your ceiling? Maybe there are streaks or stains running down a wall. You could have a leaky roof, and it is important to take care of this matter promptly. You can tackle some Dallas roof repair issues on your own and here are some tips to help you do the job right.

Locating the Source of Leaks

Just because a leak appears in a certain area of your ceiling, does not mean this is where water is penetrating the roof. Water can get underneath shingles and run downhill until it finds an entry point. First, locate the area adjacent to the leak. Now look uphill to see any irregularities or problems with your shingles or seals.

If you find a problem uphill from the leak, this is the most likely source. Look for torn or missing shingles or cracked roofing cement around vents or vent pipes. If you see vent problems, you may only need to re-seal around the vents for effective Dallas roof repair.

Damaged Vent Pipe Boots

If you have a damaged boot, you should replace it. You may stop leaks for a while by putting roofing tar or cement around it. However, the seal may soon crack and start leaking again. First, remove the old boot and take it with you to the hardware or home improvement store. Make sure to get the same size boot and installing a one-piece boot is the easiest way to fix the problem.

To replace the boot, clean the area and put down roofing cement. Next, install the base over the pipe and make sure to get the uphill side underneath the shingles and place the bottom part of the base overtop the shingles. To get the best repairs, talk to your local roofers about your options. They can give you permanent Dallas roof repair services.

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