Tips for Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery in West Des Moines, IA

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Health & Fitness

Have you finally agreed to undergo knee replacement surgery to find relief from chronic knee pain? You may feel a bit nervous about your upcoming procedure. While there are risks involved any time you go under anesthesia, knee replacement is a common procedure with more than a million successful surgeries performed in America each year.

The recovery after the surgery generally proves to be more taxing than the surgery itself. Here are some tips for recovering from knee replacement in West Des Moines, IA.

Knee Replacement Recovery Tips

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Your doctor will give you specific questions regarding your recovery. Follow those instructions perfectly, despite what you hear from other knee replacement patients or online resources. Write down all questions regarding your recovery in advance to minimize questions during the actual recovery.

Keep Leg Clean and Lifted

Your leg will have an incision from the surgery that will require regular cleaning. Clean the wound according to your doctor’s instructions and stay alert for signs of infection. You should also keep your leg lifted to ensure proper blood flow.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

You will need your body in peak condition to heal. Therefore, you should make a point to treat your body well. Eat healthy foods with plenty of nutrients and get plenty of sleep.

Push Yourself During Physical Therapy

Your doctor and physical therapist will guide you as you begin to walk again. While physical therapy may be painful, push yourself to the best of your ability without hurting yourself. Get more information about knee replacement in West Des Moines, IA through QC Kinetix (Des Moines) View Testimonials.

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