Tips for Shopping for Marine Batteries

Shopping for batteries in Lincoln Park or Detroit is not like shopping for car batteries. As the experts at World Fishing Network explain, there are “many types of marine batteries available, each for a different purpose with various advantages and disadvantages”. It is important to know a bit more about these differences to select the ideal marine batteries for your needs.

Types of Batteries

To begin with, there are two essential varieties of battery used for marine purposes – the 12-volt types that get the engine going and the deep cycle types that power everything from radios to fish finders. Interestingly enough, there are also dual function batteries that can work in both ways.


Just as you buy a car battery based on its ability to crank in the cold, you will look at marine batteries for their cranking ability. Again, as the experts at WFN said, “Engine cranking requires lots of power in a short burst,” and this means you want to find a battery with marine cranking amp, or MCA that is compatible with the style of motor or engine you are using. Most owner’s manuals tell you the MCA you need, but it is always better to get a greater MCA value to ensure adequate power when needed.


If you are buying the deep cycle batteries for the other gear and equipment, you need to know that they actually face a heavier demand since the devices they power take energy on a consistent and prolonged basis. You need to find batteries with RC ratings high enough to power your different accessories.


Of course, you may be like many buyers and wonder if it isn’t just wiser to invest in a dual-purpose option to save money and space. The consensus is that you will want to avoid this if at all possible. While most owners know that you cannot substitute a deep cycle for a cranking battery, and vice versa, many do not realize the compromise made if a dual-purpose option is installed.

Instead, you will want to speak with an expert in marine battery use and installation. They can tell you whether you will do better with a dual or individual purpose batteries and whether your best options are a wet cell, gel or AGM.

The team at Business Name offers those in Detroit and Lincoln Park the kind of insight and help needed to choose and install the ideal batteries. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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