Tips for Taking Care of Flat Roofs in Washington, IL

While most home designs call for some type of sloped roof, there are homes that sport Flat Roofs in Washington IL. Since this type of roof is not just for commercial or industrial buildings, it pays to know a little about how to care for this roof design properly. Here are a few things every homeowner with a flat roof should know.

Drainage is a Must

With all designs for Flat Roofs in Washington IL, there is just enough of a slope to ensure precipitation drains into the gutter system. This is important, since the last thing homeowners need is for water to stand anywhere on the roof. Taking time to have the gutters cleared on a regular basis will go a long way in preventing damage to the roof, and keeping the costs of maintenance within reason.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

It is often a good idea to have the flat roof inspected just before summer or winter rolls around. The goal is to make sure the roof is in good condition and will be able to hold to the rigors of extreme weather conditions. A roofer can take a look and determine if there are any areas subject to ponding and build them up slightly. In addition, any signs of wear and tear that could lead to leaks can also be repaired before severe weather arrives.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Roofing Tar

Many flat roof designs rely on a layer of roofing tar to protect the surface. Even if everything seems to be in order, it never hurts to have a fresh coat of tar applied every couple of years. Doing so will enhance the ability of the roof to hold up to all sorts of weather conditions. The tar also helps to increase insulating properties of the roof, and will make it easier to heat and cool the home.

For people who have flat roofs and wonder what is going on overhead, call a roofing professional and schedule an inspection today. In the best case scenario, the roof will be in great shape and no further action is required. If the roofer does find some sort of minor problems, arrange for repairs as soon as possible. Doing so will add years to the roof’s life, and also protect the market value of the home.

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