Tips for Winning Child Custody Battles

A divorce is a painful experience for everyone involved. It’s a romance lost, a family fallen apart, and long arduous hours in court. It’s even worse when kids are in the equation. They feel the brunt of everything going on just as much as the parents, and the struggle for who will retain custody of the kids is a large part of the conflict. If you find yourself in a custody battle, here are a few tips to increase your chances.

Hire a Lawyer
Even lawyers themselves will never enter a courtroom without proper representation. The very first rule of any legal situation is to make sure you a competent attorney in Hollywood FL. Without a lawyer, you stand a much lower chance of being successful in any court case. If you’re local, that means finding the most qualified child custody lawyer in Hollywood, FL.

Try to Compromise
Talking with an ex-spouse and trying to reach an agreement, especially with something as important and sensitive as your children’s wellbeing and happiness, can seem like an insurmountable task. But it is vital that you at least try to come to an agreement that makes both of you happy, or at least, that both of you can live with. Civil court, which is what the case would be, is a last resort when two parties cannot come to an agreement by any other means. The court’s decision is final, and it might not be what you want, or even leave both parties unsatisfied. Resolve the issue yourself to avoid that possibility.

Document Everything
If the conflict does end up in a court room, then the most important factor will be evidence. Evidence is the most important factor determining how a decision is reached in court, so the more evidence that you can provide, the better. Document every interaction that you have with your ex-spouse, every piece of communication that’s exchanged, and especially any incidents that might show that your ex-spouse isn’t fit to be a parent.

Keep a Clean Home Life
The court will likely send assessors to see why type of household you run. The cleaner and healthier of an environment that is presented, the more likely that the court will find you to be a fit parent.

Never forget in all this that your child’s happiness is most important. Don’t necessarily force a situation that they aren’t happy with because you want it more, try to be open-minded. Listen to your child and take their opinion into consideration.

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