Tips On Recuperating Following A Stem Cell Treatment In Miami FL

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Health

Staying on the cutting edge of medicine is something you should take seriously. Knowing about the new treatments being used can allow you to decide whether they are right for you. When dealing with things like bad knees or even arthritis, using regenerative medicine stem cells is a great idea. Consulting with medical professionals knowledgeable in these treatments is a must when trying to find out if they are right for you. If you have regenerative medicine stem cell treatment in Miami FL, here are some of the things you need to remember when recuperating.

Pay Attention To Your Pain Levels

Once you are on the mend from the stem cell treatment in Miami FL you have received, be sure to pay close attention to your pain levels. If you start to notice an upswing in the amount of pain and discomfort you are experiencing, then you need to reach out the professionals who administered your treatments. The best way to avoid issues with pain is to limit your activity level to no more than your pre stem cell therapy activity levels for approximately 3 month. Pushing too hard too fast will increase the inflammation in your treated area and slow down the regenerative process.

Performing Open Kinetic Chain Exercises

Once you start to have pain relief and begin to regain your strength, you can start doing some range of motion exercises. Typically called Open Kinetic Chain exercises, this is an exercise that does NOT put pressure on the joint. A good example would be simple range of motion exercises. Your physician can either guide you on appropriate exercises or refer you to a physical therapist. Ideally, even though you are feeling better, we recommend you do NOT increase your activity level for approximately 3 months. This allows the cells to inhibit the inflammatory process and then begin to aid in the regeneration of the joint.

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