Tooth Pain in Lufkin, TX When Biting Down: What is Causing It?

Tooth pain could be chronic, even when lying down with the mouth wide open. It could be worse when chewing or just randomly surge at the most inopportune times. The variables of Tooth Pain in Lufkin TX, could be a huge indication of what is going on.

One of the most common types of tooth pain is the pain that occurs when biting down. The applied pressure can be enough to set the tooth on fire (pain-wise), whereas the teeth just resting have no applied pressure and no pain. What is causing this type of pain?

The Tooth is Cracked

The tooth may be cracked. Cracks commonly occur with the mandibles because they are the teeth people use to chew something especially thick or hard.

It goes without saying that figuring out the location of the pain can help isolate which tooth is cracked. It is not uncommon for multiple teeth to be cracked at the same time, especially after an incident. Chewing ice and popcorn are the most common culprits when it comes to cracking teeth. A crack is a relatively minor dental concern and can usually be repaired with one to two visits, and sometimes include a third check-up review a few weeks later.

The Tooth is Fractured

The pain in a fractured tooth is often no more or no less painful when compared to a cracked tooth. With the pain being essentially the same, it can be hard to diagnose from home. A fractured tooth could follow a recent operation where the teeth are unusually vulnerable. A root canal could potentially result in a fractured tooth near the root. Fractures could be slight. Fractures are sometimes accompanied by a shift and movement with the actual tooth. The tooth may actually be split right down the middle. Both a small mark on the tooth and a split in half tooth can qualify as a fracture when it is caused by a root issue.

Feeling the Tooth Pain in Lufkin TX, of a cracked or fractured tooth? Viewers can look at this web-site to see a dentist that can handle the concern as soon as possible.

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