Top 3 Benefits of Good Video Marketing

In today’s competitive world, every business needs to have a good marketing strategy. No matter if they are the little mom-and-pop garage down the street, or the national chain coffee shop that opened on the corner, marketing drives sales. In order to get the most from a marketing campaign though, you need to know your general consumer and you need to use quality materials, or else you may end up generating bad press for your company. From small clips and commercials, to full length productions, more often than not, the most effective way to get the word out is through video. When it comes to using quality video production in the Denver area, businesses can look forward to these unique benefits:

1. Say More With Less

Videos allow you to distribute more information in a short amount of time than text. Spoken words and images are able to tell stories and engage viewers. You may not be motivated or captivated by reading a single paragraph, but if you watched a video with someone speaking that same paragraph; you would be more likely to listen to the message. The amount of time it takes for people to read and comprehend versus the time it takes to simply listen and understand is always higher, so it takes more attempts in copy and print than with a video to get the same message out.

2. Invoke Greater Emotional Response

Words on a screen can be very boring, and even when you jazz them up with a touch of color, they can still fail to express any real emotion to some readers. There is a good reason why the old saying is “a picture is worth a thousand words”, because there are many times when a single picture cannot even be described fully in that amount of text. Using thought-invoking imagery in videos tends to generate more interest in your business and brings better attention to your advertisement that just using a bit of color and words.

3. Reach More People

One of the biggest benefits is greater market penetration through videos. Uploading a promotional video to a site like YouTube, which have over 4 billion views per day, can help increase awareness about your company, or message. In recent polls there over 1/3 of shoppers that responded said they were more likely to shop at a particular business or purchase a product after they watched a video about it online.

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