Top Benefits Of A Lab Freezer You Should Know

Lab freezers are usually bigger in size than the ordinary freezers we use at our homes. Besides, these have a specific purpose for use. Laboratory freezers are essentially needed to keep critical materials, for example, research samples or even chemicals and mixtures, which are otherwise dangerous to handle at normal temperature, under regulated climatic conditions. However, these freezers are not always huge; there are smaller versions available that can easily fit even underneath a counter or may even be the same size as a normal freezer. There are also giant walk-in freezing units for large-scale storage. Here, is a look at some of the prominent benefits of buying this utility equipment.

     *     Ultra low temperature maintenance: Lab freezers are by far one of the most ultra low-temperature freezing machines available today. Where our household freezers usually can chill up to -10 degrees Celsius, a laboratory freezing equipment can chill even beyond -85 degrees Celsius. This helps scientists to preserve sensitive laboratory samples and materials for a long time, for future use and reference.

     *     Preserves degradable items for a long time: Most scientific research and medical (pharmacological and pathological) procedures involves analyses of biodegradable samples. These can be tissue samples, serum, bacterial strains, protein extracts, DNA and RNA samples, and so on. Medical research labs and hospitals, need to store internal organs like kidney, liver, etc. Besides, these freezing machines are essential for medical storage centers like eye banks and blood banks, as well. In pharmacies, lab chillers are generally used to store medicines over a long time so that its’ contents remain stable and effective.

     *     Stores inflammable materials: Lab freezers also play an instrumental role in storing inflammable materials safely. Volatile materials containing a high percentage of CFC or Chlorofluorocarbon can have adverse effects on health. Hence, such materials need to be stored in sealed containers and under very low temperature. Lab freezers, with a wide range of cooling facility, are best suited for preserving such high-risk materials safely.

In addition to the above, lab freezers have wide usage, for example, in freezing nitrogen to a temperature as low as -190 degrees celsius. Large cold storage units which require preserving food materials and other perishable goods for a considerable period of time opt for huge walk-in freezers.

Laboratory freezers are available in different sizes to meet your various requirements. If you happen to own such an equipment, make sure to check out a reputed refrigeration service provider, offering repair and replacement of lab freezer. Plymouth, MN has one of the best refrigeration service providers in the state.





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