Top Four Qualities of a Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Countless restaurants are known for one thing only. Some are known as seafood restaurants, while others are known for their steak. Finding a restaurant that combines the two flawlessly is often difficult to do, but patrons of The Potomac Grill believe they have accomplished their goal. There are four top qualities of a steak and seafood restaurant that this place possesses.

Off-site Catering

Many special events are held where a large menu needs to be provided to the guests. A restaurant that caters is ideal for this situation because they have the kitchen and the ingredients to create a delicious meal. With both seafood and steak on the menu, each guest will get what they like. A special catering menu is even available for people to choose from.

Long Hours

Some restaurants are only open for certain hours throughout the day. For example, some are only available as dinner restaurants, and do not open until the afternoon, only to close a few hours later. A restaurant that offers long hours and is open all day not only has a dinner menu with seafood and steak selections, but also a lunch menu as well.

Happy Hour

Every great restaurant needs a happy hour. This is where a select hour, or even a few hours, includes low cost drinks or menu items. Monday through Friday from 3 until 8, anyone can enjoy happy hour at the Potomac. Two dollar bottles of beer are available during this time, as well as a 5 for $5 special of appetizer items.

Daily Specials

Attracting attention to a restaurant is often done with the use of specials. Daily specials incorporate different aspects of the menu, and sometimes even includes live events. A live jazz buffet is one special offered, where for only $15.99, customers can enjoy a brunch buffet while they listen to a local jazz band.

The Potomac Grill possesses the four important qualities of a steak and seafood restaurant. Not only does it offer daily specials and a happy hour, but it is open for long hours, and provides off-site catering for those who wish to enjoy their food at a special event. Visit the Website to learn more about the grill and the variety of menu items they have to offer. Steak and seafood are their specialties, but they have so much more to offer.

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