Top Ten Allergy Triggers

Approximately 20% of Americans suffer from allergies. They are the result of many different factors. It is not the same for every individual. As an allergy doctor in Elizabethtown KY can tell you, almost any substance in the environment can trigger an allergic reaction in some people.

What is an Allergy?

A person has an allergic reaction when something triggers the immune system to respond abnormally. The substance is frequently a protein. It is known as an allergen. While in most people, this substance has no affect at all, in others, it sets off a response. This can range from itchy skin to watery eyes or even hives. In some cases, the throat can swell cutting off the ability to breathe. In such cases, unless appropriate measures are taken, the allergic reaction can be fatal.

Common Allergy Triggers

Allergies can be set off by many different substances. There are, however, several common triggers. Those noted by an allergy doctor at an Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center in Elizabethtown KY include the following:

1. Pollen: In the United States, pollen accounts for the majority of all allergic reactions. It is THE trigger. Pollen is the result of the fertility rites of trees, grass, flowers and other herbaceous plants. Due to the nature of plants and the weather, these types of allergies tend to be seasonal – usually spring and fall.

2. Animal Dander: The skin of dogs and cats secretes oil that may produce an allergic reaction. This oil is found in the flakes and on the hair. Washing repeatedly can remove the oil but this can be an issue with cats. There are animals who claim to be hypoallergenic but this is not generally true. Talk to an allergy doctor in Elizabethtown KY for advice on how to handle the problem.

3. Dust mites: These small insects live in dust bunnies accumulating under beds and worktables. Invisible to the naked eye, they nevertheless live out their short lives feasting on fungi, bacteria and other “tasty” substances. It is the waste products from their diet that can trigger the reaction.

4. Insect bites: While most of us find a bite or sting from an insect annoying, for some of us it can be deadly. The proteins the bee or ant leaves behind in the skin acts as a trigger for an allergic reaction.

5. Mold: Mold releases spores at certain times of the season. Some people when they come in contact with them react. Inhaling them can produce breathing problems – some of them can be very serious.

6. Food: When it comes to food, some people are faced with allergies or intolerances. It seems that they are unable to eat certain types of food without suffering a reaction.

7. Latex: Rubber trees are the source of latex. For some, this presents no problem. For others, latex is a trigger to be avoided.

8. Medicine: It is possible to have an allergic reaction to certain medications. Penicillin is a common one.

9. Scents: Whether it is soap, hand lotion, after shave or perfume, some scents, no matter how alluring, are allergy triggers to certain people. Talk to an allergy doctor at an Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center to learn more.

10. Cockroaches: Of all the insects on the planet, cockroaches are among the creepiest. They are also considered to be trigger. If your skin comes into contact with their feces, you may suffer a reaction.

When it comes to allergies, your body may choose to react to any of a variety of triggers. If you are not certain of what the causal factor or factors are, contact an allergy doctor at an Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center or an allergy doctor in Elizabethtown KY. They should be able to help clarify the exact source of the problem.

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