Top Tips for First Time Condo Buyers in NYC

If you have been renting for years, then the idea of venturing out to look at NYC condos for sale might be a little daunting. With the average price of a condo in NYC being way into the hundreds of thousands, you need to think about what you want before you head out to do your shopping around. You want a five-star condo, so read on below for some of the top tips for first-time condo buyers in NYC to help you along.

Save, Save and Save Some More

Of course, you are looking to move into a luxury condo in NYC, so you can certainly afford the NYC condos for sale that you are looking at. However, you should plan to put at least 20 percent of the asking price down, so that the condo association will take you seriously. It’s best to save your money and be prepared for not only that hefty down payment but the other little fees such as closing cost, association fees, and other fees you didn’t know about before you started your search.

Clean Up That Credit

Credit makes the world go round, and unless you are sitting on a hefty bankroll, you are going to have to have great credit in order to buy a condo in NYC. Those with higher credit scores typically have no problem in getting approved for the condo of their choice. Check your credit early that way you can work to clean it up and fix any little mistakes before your credit is checked to see if you can be approved.

These are just a few tips for first-time condo buyers in NYC. For more information and to start your search today, contact Carnegie Park Condominium today.

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