Top Ways to tell when your Car Needs a New Paint Job

Trying to figure out whether you should give your car a fresh coat of paint isn’t always easy. Unless there has been some damage to the paintwork, how can you tell when, or even if, you should look at new car paint in Hemel Hempstead?

Has the paintwork faded?

Fading is a common problem that affects all cars at some point. As it is often exposed to harsh weather conditions, the colour will soon start to suffer. If you’re unsure how to tell whether the paintwork has faded, the key thing to look for is shine. Does your car appear shiny? If not the paintwork has definitely faded.
Check to see whether you have any pictures of the car when you first bought it. Then look at your car now and see how it compares. Ideally you should have your car waxed 4 times a year so that the paint stays protected. Black cars tend to show the most obvious signs of fading.

Are there any signs of peeling?

Fading is typically the first sign of damage to the paint and if you ignore it, peeling will set in. Look for any bubbles in the paint or any really discoloured areas. Again, regular waxing helps to prevent this problem. If peeling has started to occur, it’s important to book your car in for a repaint. You may be considering doing it yourself. After all, when it comes to car paint; Hemel Hempstead motorists have a good selection to choose from. However unless you have painted a car before, it would be a much better idea to leave it to the professionals.

Scratches and other minor damage

You’d think that scratches would be a pretty good indicator of whether or not your car needs a new paint job. However, some scratches can be easily buffed out. It all depends upon how deep they are. Wet your finger and then run it over the scratch. If you notice that it disappears for a while, a new paint job may not be required. If you can still see it then it may be too deep.

These are the top three ways to tell whether you need to book your car in to get repainted. Why not take a look at car paint in Hemel Hempstead to get a good idea of which colour you’d prefer?

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