Transport options in India

There are many  cheap flight deals to India but once you arrive, bear in mind you are in the second largest country in Asia and you have to give some thought to how you will move around the place. The three options are not unlike most countries; air, rail and road.

Air travel:

In the last ten years or so there has been an explosion of the number of domestic airlines in India. As in many countries many of these new entrants offer cheap flights but little else. On these flights don’t look for much in the way of passenger services such as free food.

As a result in this rapid increase in cheap domestic airlines, the problem of airport congestion has become severe, there are simply not enough runways to handle to traffic and the terminals are terribly outdated. The inevitable result is delay after delay and heavy congestion.

Despite all of these problems, which are being addressed as quickly as the government can, flying is the best way to get from place to place. There are airports in about 80 cities in India that put you close to where you want to be.

Rail travel:

India has perhaps one of the largest rail networks of any country, there is something like 40,000 miles of track that snake about the country, even to the most rural communities. Many people who take advantage of cheap flight deals to India find that the train is a wonderful alternative to flying, you most certainly see the country better than you do from 30,000 feet up. If one of your reasons to travel to India is to get a better feel for the people, the culture and the country, there is no better way of doing it.

There seems to be an astonishing array of options for train travel so it may be a good idea to brush up on this before you leave home. There are numerous web sites that provide detail of how best to handle the Indian trains.

Road travel:

Never try to rent a car and negotiate the Indian streets and roads as a visitor, hire a car with driver. The roads in India are generally in poor condition once you are outside the city and the traffic is unruly to say the least.

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