Trust Your Case to an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Westchester

Even the most safety-minded among us knows that when we climb behind the wheel of a car or truck, we can find ourselves involved in a serious accident, through no fault of our own. Someone else’s negligence has made us a victim, and we are going to need legal representation. If you should find yourself in these circumstances, there are some things you should try to keep in mind in order to protect your rights; do not accept any responsibility for the accident, and do not agree to any payment from an insurance company. These two items will give your Auto Accident Attorney in Westchester more latitude to work on your behalf in order to negotiate fair and reasonable compensation for you.

If you have become involved in an auto accident, there are some steps you should try to follow if possible and practical. Of course, if you have been injured at all or even think you may be injured you should seek medical assistance immediately. If you can document your injuries with photographs, that may help your Car Wreck Attorney later on. Be sure that the accident is reported to the proper authorities as soon as possible. You should make certain that you report it to your insurance company, as well. Gathering contact information from anyone involved in the accident as well as any bystanders who saw what happened can be a big help too. If you can photograph the accident scene before any vehicles are moved, that will help in reconstructing what occurred.

Your next step is one that will affect how everything else proceeds; select an experienced, reputable Auto Accident Attorney in Westchester to represent you, be your voice, and protect your rights while using all of the resources at his disposal to see that you receive the compensation and care that you are entitled to. His team will work diligently to build your case while your attorney attempts to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement on your behalf. Few things can intimidate an insurance company like a well-prepared attorney who is ready to go to trial if they don’t negotiate in good faith. Mary Ann Covone at Law will provide you with legal representation that will bring your case to a successful end for you.

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