Try Your Hand at the Art of Sculpting Ice Blocks in Long Island, NY

The precise origins of ice sculpting are clouded in mystery, but we do know that the art has been practiced for a very long time. The nomadic Inuits spanning present-day Canada, Alaska, and Greenland were known to build houses out of ice and snow, commonly known as igloos. The art of igloo building was practiced as long ago as 4,000 years into the past.

Written records dating back to 600 BCE record that in the frigid and mountainous terrain of northwest China, farmers would deliberately flood their fields, allow it to freeze, then store the blocks of ice inside of insulated huts to preserve perishable foods. Likewise, in both ancient India and Rome, wealthy people feasted on foods and drinks made of ice mixed with fruits and juices as a primitive type of sorbet.

During the 1600s, fishermen in the northeastern part of China began sculpting ice lanterns; they would freeze water inside of a bucket, then remove the bucket and place a candle underneath. And in Russia, Empress Anna Ivanovna commissioned an ice palace in 1739 made from of water the river Neva.

Today, ice sculpting is a very popular art form here on Long Island and in New York City. There are at least half a dozen professional studios sculpting ice blocks in Long Island, NY. However, ice sculpting is an inexpensive hobby any New Yorker can enjoy, whether you’re sculpting with an ice pick, chain saw or more subtle tools.

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