Turn Your Scrap Metal Into Cash

If we have some gold, silver or other precious metals that, for whatever reason, have become surplus to our needs; we would not dispose of it in the garbage can. We would take it to a dealer with the aim of selling it and, effectively, changing it into hard cash. However, when it comes to that old brass faucet that we replaced recently in the back yard; do we see any value in that? Also, what about all those aluminum cans that were emptied at the last party we threw?

Any Metal Has Value

There are quite a number of places that you can go to if you are trying to Sell Scrap Metal. However, the catch is that the buyers might not want it if there is only a little of it – the more the merrier! Your single piece of brass will probably end up in your trash can; but, when that can is emptied and its contents taken away, someone down the line will sift through it and remove things like your faucet. Once a reasonable amount of brass objects have been sorted from the garbage; they can be taken in bulk to a scrap metal buyer and exchanged for dollars.

Bulk Scrap

Industry in general will be the biggest producer of scrap metal – either as a byproduct of their manufacturing process; or the items they make that have been sold and then used to beyond their life expectancies. Anyone who has been inside a machine shop where lathes and mills, etc are used to shape metal “things” by removing thin layers from basic feedstock will have noticed the large amount of metal shavings (known as swarf) that are produced in the machining process.

The manufacturer will collect all this swarf until a sizeable amount has accumulated and will then sell it as scrap metal. The larger buyers of metal scrap will even come to the factory and not only purchase the scrap; but, will also take it away and arrange for its eventual recycling (usually to be melted down; after which it could even end up as feedstock back at the same factory). If the factory produces its products from more than one type of metal; then they will get a better price for their scrap if they keep the metals segregated from each other.

For anyone wishing to Sell Scrap Metal, companies, like H&C Metals in Newark NJ, are the ones to contact. Ignoring hazardous metals (like mercury) or radioactive ones; such people will buy whatever metal you have for sale.

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