Two Non-Surgical Options That Plastic Surgeons Lansing MI Can Offer To Enhance Your Facial Skin

For many people, being able to maintain a youthful appearance in the later years of life is a pressing concern. In an effort to enhance their beauty, many turn to surgical procedures like face lifts. While this can certainly be a good option for some patients, others may wish to avoid surgery. This is where non-surgical options provided by Plastic Surgeons Lansing MI can be of great help. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy great-looking skin without surgery, here are two great ways to achieve that goal:

Injectable Fillers

Over time, your everyday facial activity can cause the collagen in your skin to break down. Unfortunately, this leads to the development of unsightly lines and wrinkles in your skin that are especially prominent around your eyes and mouth. The good news is that injectable fillers like Juvederm can mimic the effects of collagen by filling in and smoothing out these lines so that your facial skin appears more plump, supple, and youthful. Instead of having to worry about the complications that can come with face lift surgery, you’ll be able to walk out of your plastic surgeon’s office with skin that is refreshed and renewed.

Facial Peels

For some people, the problem is at the surface of the skin rather than with the underlying soft tissues. For these patients, Plastic Surgeons Lansing MI may recommend a facial peel. Most facial peels work by using acids or other types of chemicals to remove one or more layers of clogged, dead skin in order to reveal the layer of healthy, glowing skin below. Not only can MicroPeels and SilkPeels address problems like blackheads, lines, and wrinkles, but they can also help those suffering with acne scarring or sun damage. The best part of the procedure is that it requires no anesthesia, pain, or downtime. Your only concern will be properly caring for your skin as it peels in the days following your treatment.

It’s important to realize that maintaining a youthful appearance at every stage of your life is possible without going under the knife. As you contemplate which procedure is best for you, be sure to consult quality Plastic Surgeons Lansing MI like the doctors at Business Name. They’ll be able to provide you with non-surgical options that will improve the look and feel of your skin so that you feel confident and beautiful each and every day. Visit website at website url.

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