Two Way Radio Versus Cellphone: Three Advantages of Two-Way Radios

Most organizations and large companies are using two-way radios as part of their security program. When it comes to commercial use, two-way radios are more popular than cellphones. Small and large organizations alike often use two-way radios as their method of communicating. Even with the introduction of cellphones, two-way radios are still popular. Here are three advantages of security two way radios and why it remains popular today.

It Works During Emergencies

Have you noticed how actors in movies with the ‘end of the world’ theme use a two-way radio to communicate? It is because two-way radios work even after a disaster. Unlike cellphones that rely on cell sites, two-way radios continue to work even after an earthquake or a hurricane. If there is a need to contact everyone, two-way radio can do it (provided that everyone is tuned in to the designated frequency).


The price of security two way radios is cheaper as compared to a cellphone. It is also a one-time fee as you only have to pay for the unit. It means no monthly subscription or 2-year contract to make it work. If used for security, your security officers can also share it, thus reducing the communication cost.

Ease of Use

The features and buttons of most two-way radios have been the same since it was introduced. Today, nothing much has changed with two-way radios. The buttons and functions of most two-way radios are the same, then and today.

Though there are improvements with two-way radios, these improvements are mostly with its features. Newer two-way radios have features such as vibration resistant, wind-resistant, noise resistant, and are water-resistant. Two-way radios of today are also lighter and smaller as compared to two-way radios from two decades ago.

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