Types and Component of Garage Doors You Should Know Before Buying

Are you planning to install garage doors to protect your vehicles from getting stolen away from the garage of your home? Well, that’s really a good decision. However, before you buy one, you should have an idea on the different types of such doors available in the market. Going through this article will help you with the same. Read on!

Types of garage doors:
1.Single – layered construction (Steel): Made up of more or less 24- gauge thick steel plate without any kind of insulation layer. It is durable and provides basic protection to your garage.

2.Double – layered construction (Steel – Insulation): It is made up of near about 24- gauge thick steel plate, fitted with a sheet of expanded polystyrene panel for insulation, and a protective back cover made up of vinyl. Presence of the insulation layer makes such doors more energy-efficient and sound proof. Moreover, it also adds to the structural integrity of these doors. It is durable, and offers superior protection.

3.Triple – layered construction (Steel – Insulation – Steel): Made up of expanded polyurethane or polystyrene that is filled between two steel panels. Due to the presence of double insulation layer, they offer maximum protection, energy efficiency, structural integrity, and sound proofing.

These are the three different types of garage doors (based on construction) available in the market. They are available in variety of styles and colors. So, you can choose from a number of options according to your taste and budget. As with any other movable structure, such doors also have various components for their smooth and fast operation. Many homeowners focus only on the looks, but they forget that structural components, like springs, hinges, doors sections, track, weather seal, and rollers are equally important.

Let us have a look at the various structural components of garage doors:

1.Springs: One of the most important structural components of a garage door is spring. This is because, it provides balance to the door.

2.Hinges: Hinges are constructed of high-quality stainless steel. They bear the entire weight of the garage door. High-quality hinges are powder-coated, which provides maximum protection from moisture.

3.Rollers: Reputed companies use wheel ball-bearing rollers made up of steel. It offers smooth and quiet movement of a garage door on its track. Some of the dealers also use nylon rollers along with steel ball-bearings, which offer maximum noise-reduction.

This is all about the different types and structural components of garage doors. Palm Bay FL residents only opt for companies that are licensed and employ expert installers. So, find a reliable company and get it done ASAP at affordable service charges. Visit the website paradisegaragedoors.biz for more information.

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