Types of Decks for Your Home

Are you considering having a company build a deck for your backyard, or elsewhere in your home? There are multiple things that need to be taken into account throughout the process in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality deck for your home. You will find that taking your time and evaluating all of the different types of decks will allow you to become more acquainted with what can be expected from those decks, and will also allow you to ensure that you make a smart decision for you and your family as well. Take the following types of decks into consideration in your search.


One of the most common types of decks is pressure-treated wood. Typically, these decks are made of for which is been permeated with anti-rot and other chemicals to ensure that it is not damaged over time. Typically, these decks cost about $2.35 per square foot for materials, and $3.80 per square foot if installed by a company. Pressure-treated decks have become one of the most common types of decks for reason, as they require the least amount of maintenance while still looking great.


Cedar decks are another excellent consideration. Not only do they have their own natural beauty that is unmatched by other types of wood, but the perennial decking is inexpensive for many companies as well. Cedar typically cost about $3.75 per square foot, and $5.35 when installed by a company. Although it is a bit more expensive, Cedar decks have been proven to stand the test of time and look great overall.


Redwood might be a bit less common and much more expensive overall. Redwood is only available on the West Coast typically, and is lightweight and strong. It is also easy to work with for the company that is building your deck. It costs about $7.75 per square foot for the materials, and nine dollars per square foot when it is installed by a company. Redwood is an excellent consideration for people that have excess money to spend.


Composite is another common type of decking material that is often used. It is would fiber combined with recycled polyethylene, costing about $6.60 per square foot and $9.90 installed because it is not as easy to work with as other types of wood.

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