Types of Home Insurance in Katy, TX Coverage

When there is any type of damage to your home, or its contents, a homeowner’s insurance police will provide you with financial protection. It also offers protection if you, or one of your family members is liable for the injuries that happens to others, or any damage to their property. Home Insurance in Katy, TX is also something that is required by the majority of mortgage lenders.

There are several different types of insurance that will cover your home. They range from a very basic policy, to one that offers much more, comprehensive coverage.

Understanding What is Covered and What is Not Covered

The majority of Home Insurance in Katy, TX policies will cover any damage that results due to fire, vandalism, theft, lightning, hail and windstorms. There are other types of policies that will cover some additional events as well, such as earthquakes and floods. It is important to purchase supplemental policies if you live in an area that are prone to these problems.

Standard Coverage for Most Home Insurance in Katy, TX Policies

The most common things that are covered by home insurance policies are highlighted here.

Dwelling Coverage

This portion is what will pay to rebuild your home, which includes the HVAC system, plumbing and electrical wiring, as long as the damage occurred due to a covered cause of the loss.

Additional Structure Coverage

This portion of the policy will cover outlying and detached structures on your property. The most common include swimming pools, garages, cottages, fences and sheds.

Personal Property

This portion of the policy will cover all of the personal items that are damaged, destroyed or lost due to a covered cause. This can include any item in your home: furniture, electronics, clothes, sporting good and more.

Inability to Use Coverage

This will pay for any living expenses or housing costs that you incur that you have to move out of your home on a temporary basis.

If you are interested in homeowner’s insurance coverage, then you should contact usĀ for more information and to help and determine the right type and amount of coverage for your home.

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