Understanding Both the Core and Non-Core Pet Vaccinations Your Dog Needs

All dog owners want the very best for their furry, four-legged friends. In addition to providing shelter, food, and love, it is important to make sure your pet stays in good health. One of the easiest ways to protect a dog from contracting deadly diseases is by keeping them up-to-date on Pet Vaccinations and boosters. Core, or mandatory vaccinations, are the most commonly administered. However, non-core vaccines are also available to dogs who are at risk for less common illnesses.

There are several core Pet Vaccinations that all dogs need, including rabies, distemper, parovirus, and adenovirus. The most well-known is the rabies shot. This is a yearly booster that is required by law for dogs of all ages. Rabies is a deadly disease that can spread to both other animals and humans. Distemper is another core vaccine for dogs.

It is an airborne virus that can lead to brain damage or death. Another vaccine protects your pet from catching the deadly parovirus from other dogs. All puppies need to receive the parvo vaccination, along with several boosters, during their first year of life. Adenovirus is the final core vaccination that prevents dogs from catching hepatitis, a disease that affects the liver.

In addition to core vaccinations, there are also non-core shots that are regularly recommended by vets. The first is bordetella. This disease is commonly known as kennel cough. It is very contagious, and although it is easily treated, it can be deadly for puppies and older dogs. The canine influenza shot is also suggested for dogs who routinely socialize with other pups. If your dog is ever bitten by a tick, they should receive a Lyme disease vaccine. Lyme disease affects the central nervous system, often leading to a poor quality of life or even death.

Staying current with your dog’s vaccination schedule is one of the best ways to protect the pet’s health. Dogs rely on their owners to provide what is best for them. Visit Hshv.org for a list of vaccines and shots that are recommended for dogs of all ages. In addition to annual vaccines, providing your pooch with routine vet check-ups, lots of exercise, and healthy food will guarantee your pet a great life.

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