Understanding Cremation in San Diego, CA

When a family member passes away, it’s up to their loved ones and friends to make the arrangements for a memorial service. For those that oppose the idea of a traditional burial, cremation is a common choice. Many are somewhat familiar with what cremation entails, but few have a full understanding of how the process is handled from start to finish. The first step is to find a funeral director that the family is comfortable with and discuss cremation. Here are some things to help understand about Cremation in San Diego CA.

The Logistics

When a body is cremated, the remains are presented to the family in an urn or simply returned to the earth. It just depends on the preference of the departed or their loved ones. The decision of what to do with the ashes is based on personal preference. Some religions suggest that the ashes be scattered at sea or on land. There are many who opt to keep the urn at home as a symbol and reminder of the deceased.

What’s Included in the Cost?

Cremation is typically more affordable. The pricing normally includes transportation of the body, the cremation process, and any additional services handled by the funeral home. Then, outside of that, some family members choose to purchase an urn or a headstone.

Personalized Service

Some people feel that a cremation leaves no room for personalization. This is a common misconception. Many families who do go with cremation still hold a funeral or memorial service to honor the memory of their loved one. The funeral director will be able to help plan a service that honors what the family has in mind. They can set aside time to reflect on the accomplishments and accolades of the departed.

Many families choose to display photos near the urn and have some music playing that inspire memories of the loved one. Even though the body isn’t present, the presence of these things along with the ashes is often enough to bring comfort to the family while they grieve.

Those considering Cremation in San Diego CA can turn to West Coast Cremation & Burial Services. They offer dignified cremations in San Bernardino, San Diego, and Riverside Counties. They are known for their simple and affordable cremations that can even be ordered online. When someone passes away, the service provider will guide the family through the planning process.

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