Understanding Restraining Orders in Hollywood, FL

When someone won’t leave you alone, it can be annoying, frightening or even life threatening. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, as long as you are over 18, you can file a request with the court for a restraining order in Hollywood, FL. This applies to nearly every place in the US. If granted by the court, it will keep the hostile person away. Restraining orders are sometimes also called Orders of Protection or Injunctions.

Restraining Orders in Cases of Domestic Violence

Anyone who is experiencing domestic violence can apply for a restraining order in Hollywood, FL. The courts will apply a standard that includes any kind of assault, including battery, sexual abuse, stalking, kidnapping or false imprisonment causing physical injury of one family or household member to another. Individuals who believe they are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence may also apply.

Other Types of Restraining Orders in Florida

A victim of multiple acts of violence can file a restraining order in Hollywood, FL. This would go against a person who committed two violent acts on the victim or the victim’s immediate family. One of the two assaults must have occurred in the previous six months. This is called an Injunction Against Repeat Violence.

Victims of abuse in dating relationships can also file an injunction. An Injunction Against Dating Violence applies when the abuser is someone the victim has had a continuing, romantic relationship within the past six months. If the relationship between the victim and the abuser exists only in social and/or business contexts, an order cannot be filed.

For victims of stalking and/or cyber stalking, two types of restraining orders can be filed. The first is valid only for 15 days and is called an ex parte temporary injunction. It protects the victim until a full hearing can be held to determine whether a final injunction is appropriate. The hearing allows the stalker to fight against the final order. Once the court issues a final injunction, it lasts forever, unless either party requests the injunction be modified or canceled.

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