Understanding The Eviction Process In Los Angeles & Long Beach

The correct term for the eviction process, at least when it comes to filing in Los Angeles and Long Beach courts as a landlord, is an Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit. It is a very specific process and both the landlord, and after the suit has been filed the tenant, have specific steps that can be taken along the way.

Option To Voluntarily Move

The first step that has to be taken by the landlord is to properly notify the tenant of the request for the tenant to voluntarily vacate the premises. If the tenant ignores this notice then the landlord must take legal action, filing the Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit, to force the tenant to leave through an eviction.

There are only so many reasons that a landlord can either ask a tenant to leave voluntarily or to proceed to the eviction process. These include breaking the lease or rental agreement, non-payment of rent, damage to the property, disturbances or illegal activities.  Typically an eviction can also occur if the lease is not renewed but the tenant refuses to leave or if the agreement is canceled in writing as per the terms of the original lease or rental agreement.

What You Need As The Landlord

In the eviction process filing and paperwork you will need to show that you provided the tenant with written notice and the tenant failed to respond or correct the problem. In addition you will also wait for the duration of the move out notice, which can be up to 60 days, and then and only then can the Unlawful Detainer lawsuit be filed.

It is important to realize that the lawsuit is designed to be a speedy process but as the landlord you cannot penalize the tenant if they are on the property. You cannot cut off their utilities, change locks, attempt to stop the tenant from entering the living space or removing any of his or her
personal property.

The Right Paperwork
While you can hire an attorney to handle the eviction process on your behalf in Los Angeles or Long Beach, you can also do it yourself with the help of a firm that provides legal documents. By using this option you can ensure that your paperwork is accurate and complete and also help to reduce the costs of the eviction process.

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