Use Professionals For Lawn Care In McLean, VA

There are many advantages to sodding a lawn. Planting grass seed is less expensive but you get what you pay for. Homeowners appreciate that it takes less time to have a fabulous lawn when you sod.

Down On The Sod Farm

Sod Farms do the work for the homeowner. They plant grass seeds and grow them in special netting. The result is rolls of sod that can be installed in just about any space. To get started, find a service that handles Lawn Care in McLean VA.

A beautiful yard starts at Premier Turf Farms. Farms like this grow high-quality sod. Sod that is dried out and poorly grown will not transplant well.

Select A Grass Based On The Climate

Individuals who live in areas with harsh winters need cool season grasses like bluegrass and ryegrass. On the other hand, fescue and bluegrass thrive in areas with milder winters. Choose bermuda or centipede if your area is warm year-round.

The Process Does Not Take Long

Workers who handle Lawn Care in McLean VA prepare the yard to install the sod. Most homeowners choose to get rid of any existing grass. Professional landscapers accomplish this by using a tool called a sod cutter. The tool removes the old grass at just the right depth.

Afterward, soil amendments are added to make the ground ripe for the new sod. The yard should be raked thoroughly to make sure there are no roots from the old lawn. The yard is graded and workers pay special attention to make sure water will drain properly.

Laying The Sod

Experts recommend watering the soil the day before laying the sod. Sod should never be laid on dry soil because this hinders root growth. Next, landscapers use a sod roller to make sure the sod makes good contact with the soil. This also eliminates air pockets and keeps the sod even.

The new lawn should be watered three times a day for at least ten minutes. The best watering times are morning, noon and evening. Sod should not be watered at night because it causes fungus growth. Cut back on watering during the second week and ask the lawn service for directions on the first cut.

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