Using An Exterminator in Baltimore MD For Rodent Removal

When mice overrun a home, there are several steps that can be taken to help remove them effectively. Failing to be proactive in mouse control can have dire consequences as damage to the structure of the building can occur. People living in the home are also at risk for exposure to disease. Here are a few ways to reduce the mouse population in a home.

Reduce Clutter

Cleaning a home tends to make all types of pests cease to frequent the interior as there is less chance at finding an accessible food or water supply. It is a good idea to remove all food remnants after meal preparation to help minimize the chance of mice sticking around to consume leftovers. Using a vinegar and water mixture on counter tops will adequately remove debris and mask odors that attract mice.

Seal Exterior Entryways

While calling an rodent removal in Baltimore MD such as Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc or a similar service is the preferred method of removing mice from a home, steps will still need to be done to ensure they cannot gain entry again after pest control services are administered. Space around doorways and windows can be utilized by mice to get inside of a home. Adding caulk or weatherstripping around the perimeters of all entryways will help keep mice on the exterior of a home. Holes in wood panels on an exterior of a home should be covered with flashing to help keep mice outdoors.

Get Aggressive

People will often resort to using snapper, glue, or bait traps to help eliminate mice from a home. Diligence is needed in removing dead carcasses so the traps can be reset to capture new mice. Humane traps are another alternative where mice are trapped in a plastic cube until someone brings them outdoors for release back into the wild. Using traps in a home can help reduce numbers of live mice, but there is still a risk of young being harbored in walls to invade when they grow older.

To get rid of mice altogether, calling an exterminator in Baltimore MD will give the desired results quickly without the need to keep on top of removing mice and resetting traps. A technician would be sent to the home quickly to do an evaluation, will use mouse control methods to rid the home of the rodents, and will give some tips to the homeowner in keeping the pests away.

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