Using Stone Within Landscaping in Westport Connecticut

When there is a desire to spruce up a property, most people will hire a service that offers Landscaping in Westport Connecticut. One way to improve a property is with the use of stones. Here are some ideas to consider to make a property attractive with the incorporation of this useful medium.

Use Colorful Stones Around Plants

Stones help to keep water from pooling up around the foundation level of a home. For this reason, adding small stones along the perimeter of a structure is beneficial. The stones also give the land a polished appearance that many find pleasing. Use smaller stones around foliage to protect roots from over-saturation while showing each piece of vegetation off in a majestic manner. A barrier of stone in another color will draw the eyes toward the area while helping to keep smaller stones contained, so they do not spill out onto the property.

Install A Walkway Make Completely From Stone

A walkway made from stone is a popular choice for many homeowners. There is no worry about cracking or wear, as the pieces are small and can easily be replaced at a minimal cost when needed. Flowers or greenery can then be added along the perimeters of walkways. A landscaping service will assist with the design work necessary to add colorful and intricately shaped walking areas to a property.

Build Stone Stairways Instead Of Traditional Brick Or Wood

Stone steps give a home an interesting appearance while providing sturdy structures for walking upon. Stack several stones and use mortar to adhere them to each other, so they provide a stable stepping area. Alternately, use large slabs of stone for each step. Position smaller stones in a contrasting color along the perimeter of each step, or dress up a staircase with the use of several colors and shapes of stones within each step.

A service that offers Landscaping in Westport Connecticut is the best way to obtain a new look for a property. Contact Northeast Horticultural Services via phone or browse the website to find out more about the many services offered to those who wish to improve the appearance of their property.

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