Veterans Benefits Pennsylvania Representatives Discuss Your Right to a Caregiver

Did you know that as a veteran, you have the right to have a caregiver provided to you if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to care properly for yourself? What’s even better than that is that your caregiver can be a family member and they can receive similar compensation as private caregivers from outside your family. If you have committed yourself to being a caregiver of a loved one who has helped defend our nation, here are some things your Veterans Benefits Pennsylvania representatives want you to know.

Caregiver Support
As a caregiver, it can be difficult asking for help. But your Veterans Benefits Pennsylvania workers want you to know that there is support for you, too. For one thing, there is a caregiver support line at 855-260-3274. You can call to get information about support groups, immediate assistance or just to have some of your questions answered. If you have questions about assistance, the types of medical services offered for veterans or if you just need someone to listen, that’s the number to call for any type of support you need.

Adult Day Health Care Centers
An Adult Day Health Care, or ADHC Center, is a place where you can bring the veteran whom you are caring for. This type of facility offers activities where veterans can have some fun during the day while you get a much needed break. The workers at these centers are caring and they will help your loved one regain some of their dignity and personal independence by teaching them ways to help themselves more with daily needs. These centers are typically open from Monday through Friday during regular business hours so you can get some errands done or do some other things you need to do during the day.

Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC)
If you are a caregiver to a veteran who isn’t able to leave home, an ADHC isn’t the best option. But your local VA office should be able to tell you about some home-based care opportunities that are available. This is when a medical professional comes to your home and provides a variety of services, including managing their medication, planning their meals, providing primary care procedures and more. In some cases, physical therapy services can be provided in a HBPC situation.

Some of the other services provided by your VA services include respite care, homemaker services, home telehealth, and hospice care.


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