Visit a Dentist for Regular Dental Examinations

When you care about your oral health, you should have a regular Evanston dentist for your examinations and cleanings. You must schedule your routine dental appointments every six months to have the healthiest teeth and gums. Our dentist will often collect X-rays if he notices any problems with your teeth to determine if there are problems below the gums. With this type of examination schedule, if you do have a cavity, then it is a small one that is easy to fill quickly without anesthesia.

Talk to Our Dentist about Cosmetic Improvements

If you have cosmetic concerns about your teeth, then your regular examination appointment is a great time to talk about the problems with your dentist. You can request a teeth-whitening procedure to eliminate the ugly stains on your dental enamel, and this process only requires approximately one hour to complete. Our dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide substance to your stained teeth, and when clean water is injected, you will feel a bubbling sensation. This chemical reaction is what helps to lift the discolorations from your teeth, leaving the enamel whiter than before.

Have a Regular Dentist for Emergencies

Having fast access to a nearby Evanston dentist is also essential when you have a dental emergency. Some of the problems that you might experience with your teeth are cracking a tooth while you are chewing hard food, or you might dislocate a tooth while you are playing sports. If your regular dental facility has your medical images, then your dentist can make a repair to a tooth faster. A dentist can fix a damaged tooth with a root canal, and he can stabilize a loose tooth with wires. To schedule an appointment at Stephens Dentistry, visit our website.

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