Water Softeners in Marion, IA Improve Tap Water in Rural Areas and Municipalities

Hard water contains a relatively high mineral content. Usually, those minerals include calcium and magnesium, and there also may be iron and sulfur. Many people dealing with hard tap water buy Water Softeners in Marion IA because, although the liquid is generally not harmful to drinking, it can pose certain problems.

Problems With Minerals

Minerals interact with soap and leave a scaly residue that builds up on sinks and other surfaces. Hard water diminishes the ability of soap to lather, leading people to use more hand soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent. Iron can leave rust-type stains, and sulfur in the water smells unpleasant.

Water Softeners in Marion IA resolve all of these problems except for the sulfur content, which can be managed with an added whole-house filter. Usually, sulfur is only an issue in rural areas where homes rely on well good water. Hard tap water with calcium and magnesium is fairly common in municipal supplies, however.

How Softeners Work

Most softeners are designed to catch hard minerals in resin beads as the water first enters the home. The minerals are washed away during recharging with water and salt pellets in a separate tank.


Today’s softeners typically are programmed to recharge after a certain number of gallons have been used. The installation professional sizes the softener according to the water usage estimated by the customer. The goal is to have the recharging occur about once a week or a bit less frequently. It should not recharge more often on a regular basis since that will put more wear and tear on the components used in this process. Recharging also uses about as much water as an average bathtub holds.

Adding Salt

Once the softener has been installed and programmed by technicians from a company such as Waterhouse Water Systems, there isn’t much household residents need to do. They must check the tank that holds the salt now and then and refill the container as the material is used. Salt pellets are cheap and available at many stores. It’s best not to allow the container to get below half full. Request a quote on softener installation today.

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