We Are Here to Help You Understand Like Kind Exchange Options in Davenport IA

Here at DJF Exchange, our business is helping you get the best return on your investments and sales of investment properties by taking advantage of like-kind exchange options in Davenport IA. While much of the tax code and law today is confusing, there is an easy way to demonstrate how using like-kind exchanges can help you financially so that you become a success.

Investment Properties and Investment Feasibility

One client we had years ago came to us with a dilemma. She had two properties in one of the communities just outside of Davenport. Each one was in need of repair, and together they were bringing in $1,500 a month rent after her upkeep and expenses were paid. Our client wanted to get out from under the investment properties that were no longer bringing in good returns because the areas they were in had fallen into such a bad state. Her fear was that by selling the properties, she would lose much of her profits due to high taxes on that kind of profit. Fortunately for our client, we were able to help her see a way to make those properties work for her even as she got rid of them.

Here’s How It Worked

The two properties outside of Davenport were bringing in $1,500 for our client and that was with repairs and maintenance being needed and the location being less than desirable for the clientele she wanted to attract. So, we helped her find four smaller investment properties within Davenport in the most affluent and popular areas of the city. With less maintenance and more monthly income from happy renters, our client was much better off, and it was all thanks to her being able to take advantage of the like-kind exchange policy in the tax code. We can do the same for you, so call today to get started!

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