Wedding Receptions and Banquets in Chicago’s 20th and 21st Century

Entertaining wedding guests after the ceremony is a tradition all over the world. Most wedding receptions occur in the evening venue for wedding banquets in Chicago, but the newlyweds may choose to have a brunch, luncheon, or an afternoon tea. It’s usually up to the bride and her mother when it comes to choosing the venue and the details of the wedding reception.

Wedding Receptions in the 20th Century

The popularity of wedding receptions over the course of the 20th century has been applied to any celebration after a wedding, whether it’s tea, brunch, dinner, banquet or dance. However, before World War II, wedding receptions were most often held at the bride’s parent’s home, and according to the financial means of the family. For a wealthy family, it might be a grand ball, a middle-class family might hold a luncheon, and a working-class family might hold a simple afternoon tea.

Beginning in the 20th century, dance halls also became a popular venue and were rented by families planning a reception too large for their home. Today, locations for wedding receptions include banquet halls, hotel ballrooms, community halls, and for smaller weddings, a restaurant or a garden party at the bride’s parent’s home.

Wedding Receptions in the 21st Century

Today, young couples often find very creative places to hold their wedding and reception, such as lakeside, at the beach, or even at an amusement park. The search for a venue often begins on the internet; the bride will likely search images on Instagram and Pinterest for the most picture-perfect location for her dream wedding in Chicago. Likewise, in the modern wedding, pets are often included in the ceremony, such as the couple’s pup as ring bearer.

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