What are Some of the Benefits Associated With Fire Doors?

Adding Fire Doors to the home design is a wise move. While many people think this is a feature only used in commercial buildings, it’s not unusual for a homeowner to have this type of door installed at the point of entry into the home and an attached garage. There are other areas of the house that may be ideal for this type of door. Here are some examples of benefits that come with having this kind of door in place.

Ideal for an Escape Route

It pays to have a specific plan of action for family members to follow if a fire breaks out. That includes defining what paths will be taken in order to reach an exit. Having one or more Fire Doors installed at strategic locations makes it possible to move along those paths and close the doors as family members move toward the exits. Since the doors are treated with a coating that expands when exposed to extreme heat, they become effective barriers that contain the blaze. Thanks to this feature, the doors provide additional time for everyone to escape.

Preventing Smoke Inhalation

Another benefit that the doors offer is the ability to contain smoke. It’s possible for someone to be overcome by smoke inhalation before they can reach an exit. The newer door designs include a seal that prevents smoke from leaking between the door, the floor, and the frame. Once the door is closed, and the seal fills in the gaps, it is possible to avoid passing out and being overtaken by the fire.

Providing a Safe Haven

There are times when getting out of the house is not possible. Knowing there is a room that provides some degree of safety and making it to that space will save lives. Once the door is sealed, those who are in the space can consider trying to exit through a window. At the very least, there is more time for help to arrive and get anyone in the room out of the house while attempts to contain the blaze are underway.

If the idea of adding a fire door or two to the home seems like a practical decision, visit Rkoshirodoor.com today and learn more about what the doors have to offer. Once they are installed, the homeowner can rest assured that the odds of escaping from a home fire are much higher.

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