What are the Different Types of Elevators?

The invention of elevators has improved the way humans get around quite a bit over the years. The days when you had to walk up flights upon flights of stairs to get where you were going are long gone. Elevator Services in Washington DC have made it possible to ride from the first floor to the second floor if you so choose.

There are a few different types of Elevator Services in Washington DC to choose from. You can look below for the different types of elevators in existence in today’s modern world.

Traditional Passenger Elevator

A traditional passenger elevator is the type that gets passengers from one floor to the next. They usually have low weight limits and can carry about eight to 15 people at one time. In some of the larger elevators, you can fit up to 30 at a time. These are the types of elevators that you will see at hotels, casinos, and hospitals as well.

Freight Elevators

This type of elevator transports things instead of people from one floor to the next. These types of elevators are usually used in industrial buildings and can handle a heavier weight capacity than a passenger elevator can.

Personnel Elevators

These types of elevators are usually used for very small groups of people. They often only have room for one person at a time and whatever that person is carrying. These are most often used in places that want an elevator that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Limited Use Elevators

These are the most interesting elevators of the bunch. These elevators are used in nightclubs or hospitals. These elevators can only be used if you have a key and often only go to certain floors, instead of to all floors in the building. These are the most interesting because of where they lead and what goes on behind those doors.

These are just a few of the types of elevators out there in the world today. From limited use to traditional passenger, there are plenty of elevators to choose from at Elevator Technologies Inc. of Washington DC today.

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