What Are The Many Advantages Of Using 3 Piece Ball Valves?

One of the big questions that beginners ask when setting up their first brewing project is regarding the use of valves. As per Brew HA Equipment, ball valves are often the best option due to their versatility and affordability.

The general opinion out there is that, versus two-piece valves, 3 piece ball valves from reputable providers like Stainless Steel Ball Valve are the superior choice. Stainless steel is the better choice for most cases, and as per Beer Smith, it’s the “Cadillac” of brewing metals.

While that’s true that three-piece valves are better, it shouldn’t simply be taken at face value – any self-respecting brewer needs to distinguish between the two in terms of benefits and downsides.

Regarding Cleanliness

The first and easiest reason why a three-piece ball valve is more valuable and advantageous versus its two-piece counterpart is the fact that it can be easily dis-assembled, cleaned and re-assembled.

Two-piece valves cannot be easily dis-assembled and are usually cleaned by washing them in boiling water.

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