What Do Memory Care Facilities Do?

When Alzheimers disease or other types of dementia progress, it can lead to the need for more specialized care. The level of care and amount of supervision needed will depend upon the ability of the person to function on their own. With dementia, this often means residential care is the best option. One type of residential care that you may choose is memory care. But what is that and how is it different from assisted living?

Alzheimers patients can often function independently in the early stages, which makes assisted living a good fit. These people may have a shared or private apartment with staff to assist them whenever needed. This allows a significant amount of independence but help with the things that may be tricky. Transportation to the doctor, social activities, and medication management are also offered here.

Memory specific care is for those with dementia who require a higher level of supervision and care. In many cases, memory facilities offer both private and shared rooms. The memory care may be part of an assisted living facility, or it can be completely independent of other facilities. These units will have constant supervised attention by those who are trained to work with those who have dementia. In addition, many of the same services found in an assisted living facility are provided in a memory care facility.

Units that are built for those with dementia often are designed for those people specifically. For instance, some will not have individual kitchens for the residents. There is also a greater emphasis on security at these specialized facilities. This is done to avoid wandering off the property by the patients.

There are also often more relaxing environments provided for those with dementia. This might be in the form of bright paint, extra natural light, or offering unique rooms for television or other entertainment. Sometimes, these facilities might also incorporate a fish tank, as this can stimulate appetite and those with Alzheimers often have a limited appetite.

At The Regency Memory Care New Jersey, memory and dementia care is a specialty. Residents will have a beautiful apartment, tasty meals three times a day, and compassionate care from the team. There are always RNs on staff to help with any problems that may come up. If you are considering a service for a loved one with dementia, you can contact the office for more information at 908-889-4200.

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