What Does a Family Lawyer Do and Should I Hire One?

A family law attorney has his or her fingers in all sorts of legal issues that relate to family relationships. This includes child custody, divorce, adoption, and more. A family law attorney in Orange Co will specialize in these things, as well as matters like paternity and emancipation. Each state has their own list of requirements for marriage, as well as for divorce, and understanding the nuances of each of these things is part of what a family lawyer has to offer you.

Common Terms Related to Family Law

When we talk about family law procedures, there are a few terms that should be understood. We’ve defined a few of the most important below.

  • Spousal Maintenance – A sum of money that one spouse sends the other on a monthly basis after a separation or divorce.
  • Emancipation – The process in which a minor is considered legally self-supporting with adult responsibilities and dissolution of the responsibilities of the minor’s parents.
  • Community Property – Any property acquired during a marriage by either spouse which is then subject to division upon divorce.
  • Paternity – Refers to descent or origin from a father (used to confirm the identity of a child’s biological father)
  • Prenuptial Agreement – A legal contract between spouses before marriage which gives up rights to the property of their spouse upon death of divorce.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney in Orange Co

Many of the cases that family attorneys deal with are related to divorce and the proceedings of divorce. However, family law also has a practice area that is much broader, including situations like reproductive rights and foster care. Below are a few of the most common reasons to seek out a family lawyer.

  • Adoption or Foster Care – Adoption is a process that is complicated and there are often specific state laws that must be complied with. Having a family law attorney at your side will ensure that you do things the right way the first time and you run into no roadblocks in the process.
  • Child Custody or Child Support – Family attorneys offer you help navigating child custody and support agreements. They can assist you in the case where conditions change and an alteration to the agreement is needed.
  • Divorce – Each spouse will have their own lawyer who will assist in planning for a settlement to avoid a trial. Family law attorneys are experienced in proposing plans for support, dividing property, determining visitation, and more.

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