What Exactly Is A Probate Attorney in La Crosse, WI?

If you have never had the opportunity to go through an estate planning process or you’ve never been to a probate court after a loss, you probably have no idea what a Probate Attorney in La Crosse, WI does. This lawyer is going to help you plan your estate and get your affairs in order for when you pass away. This is also the lawyer that is going to help you establish a power of attorney.

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

A person does not have to die to not be capable of making their own decision. You could contract a medical condition that prevents you from being able to communicate. You could get into a serious accident that disables you. There are a lot of reasons why a person could be very much alive and not able to make decisions for themselves at the very same time. If you find yourself in a situation like this your power of attorney is the person you are trusting to make decisions for you. This is the person who will be making your medical decisions and take care of all your assets. Obviously, you want to make sure this is a person you can trust. You also want to make sure this is a person who knows what your best interests and final wishes are.

Creating a Will

A Probate Attorney in La Crosse, WI is going to help you compose a will. The purpose of a will is for you to state who is going to get what after you pass away. This would include your car, your house, and any jewelry you have. Anything of value as well as personal items would need to be handed out in the will.

Naturally, you have a lot of people who question whether or not there is a real need for you to contact a law firm such as O’Neill Law Firm LLC to help create a will. If you tell your family members what you want to happen isn’t that enough? The problem is there are legal issues involved if you do not have a will when it comes to who gets what. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for family members to fight over assets you have not assigned beneficiaries to in a will. Having a will just prevents that from happening.


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