What Is a Full Body PET Scan in Burbank, CA and Why Is the Procedure Performed?

A full body PET scan is an imaging test. The test allows a doctor to check for diseases. A full body PET scan in Burbank, CA uses a radioactive tracer. Depending on the target, the tracer is inhaled, ingested, or injected directly into the bloodstream. Certain organs and tissue absorb the tracer.

When the tracer is detected by the PET scanner, it is easier for doctors to observe how well the organs and tissues are functioning. The tracer collects in areas of the body where there is an increase in chemical activity. This is helpful as certain tissue, and certain diseases have an elevated level of chemical activity. The areas of increased activity show up on the scan.

A PET scan can measure many things, including blood flow, oxygen use, and sugar usage.

A full body PET scan is a test that is performed on an outpatient basis. Once the analysis is complete, the individual can return to his or her normal activities. In the US alone, around two million PET scans are performed every year.

Why Is a PET Scan Performed?

PET scans are most often used to detect heart conditions and cancer. Test results also help doctors understand brain disorders and central nervous system problems.


Cancerous cells have an increased metabolic rate when compared to noncancerous cells. Due to the high level of chemical activity, the cancerous cells will appear on a full body PET scan as a bright spot. PET scans not only help to detect cancer, but they also help the doctor to see if the cancer is spreading, or if the current treatment is working.

Heart Problems

PET scans reveal areas in the heart where there is a decrease in blood flow. In healthy tissue, the blood flow is normal. Different colors and brightness on the scan results indicate different levels of tissue function. This knowledge helps the doctor to determine the best course of action. For more information visit Glendale MRI.

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