What Is Primary Dental Care?

When one thinks of primary dental care it typically refers to regular preventative care a patient expects from his or her Stamford dental care provider. If the dentist finds any particular problems they will either treated or the patient will be referred to a specific dental specialist. This approach to dentistry is where the term “primary” comes from, this provider of Stamford dental care is the first point of contact for dental care, it is this dentist that monitors and maintains the patient’s dental health on an on-going basis. The type and degree of primary dental care that any one patient needs depends on the unique needs of the patient as well as the patients overall health.

The most basic and common form of primary dental care is a thorough cleaning of the teeth and oral cavity, this treatment is known as dental prophylaxis and is normally done by a dental hygienist. The objective of this thorough cleaning is to remove built up plaque which is difficult to eliminate with daily cleaning at home. Plaque is one of the causes of tooth decay and gum disease and must be kept at bay. During this dental visit the dentist will examine all the teeth to ensure there are no cavities or other problems that require treatment and care. This work is the main reason why people get Stamford dental care every six months.

Often the dentist will turn to X-Rays of the patient’s teeth to check for any problems that are not visually apparent. This is often done following orthodontics where the teeth have been moved over time and the dentist wants to ensure they stay in the correct position. Although orthodontic care is not considered as a primary dental care treatment and is handled by a specialist orthodontist, the primary care dentist is still very much involved with the patient. In many cases, after teeth have been straightened the patient will turn to cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening to further enhance his or her appearance and smile.

A very important part of Stamford dental care is understanding the need for oral surgery. The primary care dentist is always the first to realize that surgical intervention is needed, such things as impacted wisdom teeth or root canals may require treatment from another specialist. Of course the primary care dentist is always there to deal with the patient after oral surgery to ensure that there are no complications.

Stamford dental care including preventative and cosmetic dentistry is available from Dr. Jeffrey Cahn Family Dentistry. At Family Dentistry you can expect the best dental care for patients of all ages.

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