What is the Big Deal About Industrial Cool Roof Liquid Coatings?

Business owners are always looking for ways to cut costs and save big where it counts. They do not want to lose the integrity of the product or service, and they especially don’t want their business to look ill-kept. The roof is often a major part of that. The positive application of liquid coatings really changed how businesses are keeping their roof in shape.

What Type of Roof is Best Matched with a Liquid Coating?

Not all roof types are suitable for liquid coating. In the Industrial Cool Roof market, metal roofs are most susceptible to a three-layered liquid coating. Professionals use a special elastomeric coating over the metal surface. The material is a polyester derivative. It is traditionally used in three layers. The first is a core layer of coating that covers every square inch of the surface. This is often referred to as the reinforcement layer. A follow-up layer will be more specified. It will cater to areas of the roof that are not pure flat or surrounded by certain attributes. This may include skylights, events, and ridge caps. Any edges will also take on the extra polyester. A final layer will be applied to help consolidate the reinforcement layer and the extra layering that goes in the special areas.

How Much Time Does This All Add to the Roof?

An Industrial Cool Roof made of metal lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 years. The warranty will always provide a really good indication of the lifeline of these roof types. Traditionally speaking, a liquid coating done right will add a decade to the lifespan. The coating can almost act as a stalling practice. It is far more affordable and easier to add a coat than it is to replace the entire roof.

Though there are times to replace the roof, such as prior to a resale or when it becomes too damaged, it is also smart to patch things up with a coat. During tough economic times, a liquid coating is arguably the best option to preserve the integrity of the roof without breaking the business bank account wide open with just another big expense. 35 years of experience! Contact the experts at Roofing Solutions LLC for more on industrial coating.

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