What is the Difference between Traditional Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Recent trends have shown increased popularity in cosmetic dentistry, which encompasses a bit more than what is offered by traditional dentists. A cosmetic dentist in DC is likely to practice traditional dentistry, as well, or work in conjunction with others that do so, but there is a significant difference in emphasis between the two.

The focus of traditional dentistry is more medical than the emphasis practiced by a cosmetic dentist in DC. A traditional dentist is not as focused on the appearance of your teeth and smile, while of course this does signify some importance, but rather, is chiefly concerned about preventing oral disease, the development of plaque, and tooth decay. Necessity is what drives a traditional dental practice; it’s necessary when there’s a cavity to put in a filling, and it’s necessary when there is severe tooth decay to pull certain teeth, perform root canals in order to halt the progress of disease, and so on. A cosmetic dentist in DC is more likely to be concerned about fulfilling a patient’s desires in terms of appearance.

Once this distinction is made, it may be hard to actually separate the two since a cosmetic dentist is likely to resolve problems such as cavities or chipped teeth, while a traditional dentist may also desire to make patients happy by providing cosmetically pleasing alternatives when addressing particular dental issues. In other words, a traditional dentist may provide a filling to halt the progress of tooth decay that is implicit in a cavity, but when doing so, he may be able to provide cutting-edge treatments that use filling materials that not only does not detract from, but improves, one’s smile and appearance.

Some of the processes that a cosmetic dentist in DC may offer to patients who come in either with dental problems or with a desire to improve their smile include teeth whitening, inlays, and onlays that are created in a lab and replace more traditional fillings, veneers to repair chips and cracks while solving discoloration problems, implants, or even the reconstruction of one’s entire dental situation in order to positively restructure one’s appearance and smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is not always necessary on a medical level, but can help people to feel psychologically more confident about themselves, more willing to openly smile, and in some cases, can make a big difference on how successful a person is both socially, as well as in the world of work. Just as it is impossible for the tin man to buy a heart, or the lion to be granted courage, confidence cannot be purchased outright, but it can come packaged in improved looks and bright smile.

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